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Anyone who is a student at Newcastle University can write for the Courier. Whether you want to review your favourite film, comment on worldwide issues, update students about what’s happening on campus or hold your university to account with some investigative journalism, there’s space in the Courier for everyone’s voice to be heard.

We hold weekly writers’ meetings in the Planning Room of the Students’ Union on Wednesday afternoons. These are drop-in sessions from 1:30pm to 2pm. Each of our sections will have a little stand with at least one sub-editor there, and they will bring with them a list of articles for the week. Don’t like the look of any? Our sub-editors are always enthusiastic about writers proposing their own article ideas, so just let them know what you want to write about and they can support you. Unable to attend the writers’ meetings? No worries! All our leftover articles get posted in our Facebook groups, so make sure you join them all.

Click on each section logo to go to the Facebook group for that section, where you can take articles and communicate with editors.

Current Affairs

Current Affairs Editors: Joe Molander (j.molander@newcastle.ac.uk)

Life & Style

Life & Style Editor: Ellie James (e.james6@newcastle.ac.uk)


Culture Editors: Alex Darbyshire (a.darbyshire@newcastle.ac.uk) & Amy Brown (a.brown16@newcastle.ac.uk)


Head of Sport: Tom Moorcroft (t.b.moorcroft@newcastle.ac.uk)

For other queries, please see below for contact details for our senior editor team.

Editor-in-Chief: Ella Williams (editor.union@newcastle.ac.uk)

Deputy Editor: Julia McGee-Rusell (j.mcgee-rusell@newcastle.ac.uk)

Current Affairs Editor: Joe Molander (j.molander@newcastle.ac.uk)

Life & Style Editor: Ellie James (e.james6@newcastle.ac.uk)

Culture Editors: Alex Darbyshire (a.darbyshire@newcastle.ac.uk) & Amy Brown (a.brown16@newcastle.ac.uk)

Head of Digital & Design: George Boatfield (g.boatfield@newcastle.ac.uk)

Head of Sport: Tom Moorcroft (t.b.moorcroft@newcastle.ac.uk)

How to submit articles on WordPress

For writers submitting articles for the first time, the link below leads to the instructions for submitting articles to WordPress, and we also have a YouTube video with these details.

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