Go Green Week 2017 to kick off on campus

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RenewCastle Society is hosting the UK’s largest week of student climate action Go Green Week to celebrate sustainability in all its possible forms. Run from February 13 to 17, the campaign is aimed to promote debate on a variety of global and environmental issues.

Go Green Week 2017 is advocated by People and Planet University League – the independent league table of UK universities assessed according to environmental and ethical performance – who recently ranked Newcastle University within the top ten for sustainability.

Rebecca D’Andrea, RenewCastle Society president and ethics and sustainability rep, said: ‘Young people are open-minded and care a lot about the world.

“Increasing environmental consciousness among students can lead to an increased environmental consciousness in society. We are the future – once we finish university we have the possibility of fostering positive change in the world outside.”

The programme has been carefully curated for students, featuring a series of daytime and evening events to encourage mass participation.

Beginning with Vegan Bake Sale outside of NUSU, Monday is entitled “Join the Food Conversation” and aimed to prioritise the importance of food waste management.

From Tuesday to Wednesday, Go Green Week shifts its focus to sustainable transport and recycling. An O’Brien Recycling Plant trip will be followed by a film screening of “This Changes Everything”, which considers the implications of climate change and what people can do to prevent it.

Cultural sustainability takes central stage towards the end of the week, kicking off with Green People Festival.

The event features both Vegetarian and Vegan food, SteBrew Beer and music – a pleasant and easy way to get involved in the celebration of sustainable development.

The week concludes with banner painting, seed planting and a night out at the Ship Inn, a local Vegan pub in Ouseburn.

Rosie McCann, an English Language student, planning on attending the event on Monday said: “As someone who carefully considers food choices, it’s exciting to know that many others on campus care just as much about these important issues.”

D’Andrea provided some simple tips on how to be more sustainable: “Eat less meat and dairy products – it saves a lot of water and reduces greenhouse gases released into the environment.

“Reduce, reuse, recycle, use charity shops and change your bank – the Coop is the best option, and they offer a student account now. Major banks invest a lot of money into the fossil fuel industry.”

RenewCastle society aims to make a sustainable living the norm for student lifestyle at Newcastle: “It’s affordable, ethical and necessary and we have a massive opportunity as students to shape and steward future generations.”

Head to www.nusu.co.uk/news/article/6516/Go-Green-Week-2017 for the full programme and more details on how to get involved.

Last modified: 10th February 2017

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