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INFORMATION: Discovery Museum, Blandford Square, Newcastle NE1 4JA

7.30pm (ore 2.30pm Saturday matinee) Friday 26th February – Wednesday 2nd March

This multi-award winning play is making a return. Noted for its passion, energy and sympathetic look back into the past, DEATH AT DAWN is guaranteed to send the audience’s emotions soaring. It is based on the real life and death of a soldier from North Shields called William Hunter who was executed for desertion in France in 1916. The play will serve as a memorial for the 100th Anniversary of his death, a poignant and tragic event amongst the other hideous atrocities committed in WWI. Its controversial and fast-paced nature is certain to draw in the crowds.

I would highly recommend this to any History student worth their supper

The actors will consist of locals around Hunter’s age and will spur on the pride of the North East for its artistic and historical rigour. The observance of justice, youth, bravery and cowardice is taken very seriously and cleverly, viewed with the sensitive perspective afforded by local loyalty. The Cloud Nine Theatre Company will perform DEATH AT DAWN in association with the Northumbria World War One Commemoration Project. The play is written by Peter Mortimer, a confident and prolific playwright who has been closely involved in the North East’s literary scene for decades. After the sudden death of the play’s original director Jackie Fielding (a former actress on Coronation street) Neil Armstrong has taken up the mantel.

DEATH AT DAWN is expected to be skilfully written, directed and acted due to the maelstrom of talent involved. The genuine interest shown by all contributors, alongside a story that must be told, will work to create a strong performance. I would highly recommend this to any History student worth their supper, and also any English student who has any taste at all to attend. It’s a second chance to see a renowned play that simply cannot be missed.

Tickets are available from the Discovery Museum, Newcastle Central Library or either of these websites: www.cloudninetheatre.co.uk or www.northumbriaworldwarone.co.uk.

Ticket Hotline No.: 0191 259 2743

Last modified: 22nd February 2016

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