Good Girls Revolt

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The new Amazon original series is a manifesto for women’s rights in journalism. In 1969, women were not allowed to have their names next to the articles they worked on because it was exclusive to men.

The story focuses on a group of young women working in the fictional magazine News of the Week, in New York – Patti the hippie, resourceful journalist, Jane the good girl and Cindy a married young woman dreaming about being a novelist. In the 60s they were researchers and had to team up with male reporters. Reporters signed the articles, despite the fact that researchers did all the actual reporting.

At first, gender discrimination is not obvious because the girls are independent and satisfied with their job. However, when the boss asks one of the researchers to serve him a coffee, we get a clue on what’s coming.

Nora, the new intern, is the turning point to the events as she rewrites a piece from her partner. The editor loves it but when he finds out it was her, he doesn’t accept it, saying “Girls don’t do rewrites”.

The series is inspired by Lynn Povich’s bestseller about her story as one of the journalists who sued Newsweek in 1970, for gender discrimination. Five years later, Povich became the first female editor in Newsweek.

More than romances between co-workers, it recreates the process of making headline worth stories, getting sources to speak and convincing them to be identified, at the same time as women fight to have their voice heard. All mixed in a 60’s vibe, it will make the 10 available episodes “fly” in a couple of days.

Marina Costa

Last modified: 30th November 2016

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