Great North Run places left for Newcastle University’s Jubilee Debt Campaign

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Newcastle University’s Jubilee Debt Campaign (JDC) Great North Run team for Action on Global Poverty and Climate Change will be competing for their eighteenth year this year in the eponymous half-marathon.

Led by Dr David Golding, the Newcastle team have raised over a quarter of a million pounds in the last seventeen years for areas affected by extreme poverty and climate change.

In sponsorships and money raised, the JDC donate 60% of the money raised by the team to efforts to combat global poverty and climate change by other agencies- 10% will go to StopAIDS, 10% to the national Climate Coalition and 40% to British aid and environmental agencies. The remaining 40% is for each runner to choose an aid or environmental agency to support.

The team are endorsed by a number of “patrons” including NUSU President, Katie Smyth, Dean of Sport, Dr Phil Ansell and the Vice-Chancellor of Newcastle University, Professor Chris Day.

Newcastle University student, Charlotte Slinger, participated in the JDC’s Great North Run team last year, she said, “David [Golding] gave us loads of great information like training guides, a seminar with an experienced runner about running gear, the day’s logistics and general training advice. The money we all raised was split between the Global Debt campaign, the StopAIDS campaign, the Climate Coalition and one charity of our choice.

The run was nerve wracking, but one of the best things I’ve ever done, it pushed me to train when I really didn’t want to, and the atmosphere on the day was amazing.”

Runners or “anyone in reasonable health” who are willing to do the training can still sign up to get a place on the JDC team. You can pick up hard copies for entering the Great North ballot from the reception desks in the Medical School, Devonshire Building, the Students’ Union or the foyer of the Courtyard restaurant, or alternatively email Team Manager, David Golding.

The deadline to get involved is February 14, 2020. For further information about how to get involved, email david.golding@ncl.ac.uk.

Last modified: 9th February 2020

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