Halleloo! RuPaul’s Drag Race is back!

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Yes I know, it barely feels two minutes since we were all watching Drag Race UK, but once again, the lineup for Rupaul’s Drag Race has been announced! This time though, it is the lineup for the American season twelve, and whilst I have to admit that I did prefer Drag Race UK, I am still beyond excited for this season.

Unlike its previous season, season twelve has very few drag queens that are members of famous drag families. Last year we had Akeria, Rajah and Honey from the House of Davenport. Dahlia Sin, however, is one of only two queens hailing from a drag family – she is the daughter of the fan favourite, Aja. I’m personally super excited to watch Dahlia flourish on the show, especially if her drag is reminiscent of her drag mother! Similarly, I’m also excited to watch Crystal Methyd, largely because her drag name is a clear indication of her creativity and outlandish runways. 

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I also feel as though many of the queens are similar to many of last year’s contestants. Sherry Pie, for example, shares a similar quirkiness as Nina West, one of my personal favourites from previous season. Jaida Essence Hall also shares certain similarities with the top 4 queen Akeria C Davenport as they both extend beyond the confines of the label ‘pageant queen.’ 

Like most seasons, I’ve already made a decision about who my favourite is, although that is likely to change as the season progresses. This time around, I think that my personal favourite is Rock M. Sakura because her costumes are so progressive and fresh. I know that I’m already extremely excited to see what she brings to the run way each week!

For a show that preaches inclusivity and equality, it is grossly wrong that they exclude certain minorities.

I am disappointed, however, by the lack of diversity in this years line up. This year, like many of the previous seasons, failed to cast a trans women and RuPaul has previously commented saying that he would “probably not” cast a trans woman. For a show that preaches inclusivity and equality, it is grossly wrong that they exclude certain minorities. Many drag queens from previous seasons have also criticised the show with Detox from season five and All Stars 2 cryptically tweeting about the matter.

Credit: VH1, Youtube

Season twelve is not released until 28th February and yet I can already excited to see the drama-filled season that we can expect to grace our screens (instead of university work). Despite the conscious exclusion of trans women, I hope to see more discussions of equality and hopefully the upcoming seasons of All Stars and Drag Race UK can be more inclusive. 

Last modified: 11th March 2020

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