Halloween Highlights: Scream Queens

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From the creators of hit shows Glee and American Horror Story it is inevitable that a certain hype surrounds the latest show to come to E4. Scream Queens is set in the Kappa Kappa Tau sorority house of Wallace University and boasts an all-star cast including Lea Michelle, Emma Roberts and Jaime Lee Curtis. The show mixes teen cliques with murder for what Jaime Lee Curtis has described as ‘A social statement about who we are as a society right now and what are priorities are or aren’t’.

If you ever wanted to see what would happen if Regina George went to university watch this show. Chanel (played by Emma Roberts) has such ferocious and controversial lines which make the show hilarious from start to finish and are almost as shocking as the horror scenes which intersperse the plot. She plays a brilliant anti-hero and the acting is actually very convincing and the level of talent from the cast animates the script.


The horror is tongue in cheek but it’s also funny and unpredictable. This show doesn’t have the same depth as its older sister, American Horror Story, but it is equally as captivating and arguably will appeal to a wider audience as it has a less serious edge and the comedy subdues the horror scenes to make it slightly more accessible for the faint hearted.

Perfect for a whole flat watch because there really is something for everyone. Take a shot for every scream, drink for every camera zoom in of eyes glaring and down your drink if you are the last to spot the red devil. This show won’t let you down.

E4, Monday 26 October, 10pm

Last modified: 26th October 2015

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