Happy finish to a perfect release

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On the 10th November something amazing happened. 10% of the human race (who regularly use Pornhub) decided that simulated killing and adventuring was more important to them than simulated sex. But maybe it isn’t as important as people think it is.

In many senses of the word, Fallout 4 is pornography.

There’s always a chance that people were just using the internet a lot less in general that week, due to the advent of Fallout 4 (and for that matter any other interaction with anything, especially those things called ‘real people’ and ‘the outside world’). Although, the amount of effort put into calling in sick must have increased.

In many senses of the word, Fallout 4 is pornography. The concept of it is something tabooed by society, it’s addictive, it’s fantastical and glorified, and most people guiltily enjoy the pleasure derived from it. As great a game as it might be, and having still not played the game myself, nothing, in recent times, seems to have been more overhyped than the next edition of this highly successful game series. Surely then, a shift from one mode of pleasure to another is to be expected?

It’s unlikely Pornhub have suffered too much from this blip, and traffic will have surely gone back to the way it was by now. Because porn, porn never changes.

Last modified: 30th November 2015

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