Has sugar-dating gone sour?

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The movie ‘From straight A’s to XXX’ is an American movie that tells a story about a young woman turns to the adult film industry and must balance her personal life with a new life as a porn star.

In fact, it is not just a movie but happening in modern life. The number of students engaged in sex work has doubled since 2017, money advice site Save the Student has revealed.

It points out an astounding truth that about one in 25 students are now involved. This study also includes sugar dating, selling used underwear and having sex for money.

Sugar dating refers to a couple which has an arrangement. It will be in some form, either cash, mentoring, presents or trips abroad. The person who provides the resource is called ‘Sugar daddy/mommy’ and the ‘Sugar baby’ is the nickname of a person who benefits.

Many students claim that they have no other way of paying tuition. This lack of financial support is encouraging the trend across British universities. Nationwide research reveals the maintenance loan falls short of average living costs by 267 a month.

However, financial depression is not the only cause. Students are resorting to sex work and sugar dating. In some cases, they are being drawn to it purely as a better-paid option than bartending or waiting tables, or even for pleasure.

With many students seeking adult work as a quick financial fix, the concern is that some are unprepared for the efforts on their mental health. Adult workers might feel deeper loneliness in the consequences of going through a negative experience.

Most students are at high risk of getting hurt as they have not had enough experience and to deal with these matters. The rising number of students in the sex industry is not a good because it means that society does not provide enough support and knowledge for students to focus on their studies or choose other professions.

Both students and universities need to realize that this is happening on campus. Governments and universities should start talking about it and take action.

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Last modified: 13th November 2019

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