Home from Home Market visits the Students’ Union

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On Thursday 10th October, the Home from Home Market arrived at Newcastle’s Students’ Union, bringing together over 20 stallholders, all of who were selling an impressive display of products.

Throughout the day, students could purchase items such as vintage Levi jeans, indie clothing, handmade jewellery and edible goods, including vegan cakes and chocolate. Many of the fashion stalls sold products that were eco-friendly and sustainable, with several also including an empowering slogan.

The event was hosted by Sister Shack, a collective that focuses on women’s participation in arts, music, entrepreneurship, crafts, design and wellbeing. Organiser, Chantal Herbert, spoke enthusiastically about the event, stating it was ‘for everyone’ yet importantly provided women ‘the space to get into business’. Echoing the positivity of the event was Vicky Armitage. She is the owner of the business Meraki Cacao, and she sells handmade cacao bars created from organic, unrefined, nutritious ingredients, where all the flavours are inspired by travel. Vicky expressed how the event was made up of a “nice collection of people” where many of the products were “interesting and unique, most things being handmade and creative”.

A substantial amount of people visited the Home from Home Market, both students from Newcastle and non-students, making it an all-round success.

Last modified: 15th February 2020

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