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Last Thursday, students were welcomed to the annual Housing Fair, which was held in Newcastle University’s Students Union.

The event was a unique opportunity for students to be provided with first-hand advice, regarding the renting process in Newcastle, and how to avoid manipulation from landlords.

Students were  able to meet a team of friendly advisors who would answer any queries regarding property renting.

The expertise  and advice on offer, coupled with free incentives of pick-’n’-mixes, water bottles and bike locks made the event very popular.

There were numerous stalls at event – from the Northumbria Police to Newcastle’s Lettings and Accommodation providers – which all offered comparable advice.

Fresh Student Living distributed leaflets reminding students of the fundamental rules when moving into a local community. This included: the importance of bin collection, building harmonious relationships with your neighbours and avoiding noise pollution.

The Jesmond Residents’ Association (JRA)catered for student requirements, answered questions and assisted their housing searches. As a trustworthy organisation, which has recently celebrated its 50th birthday, they offered first rate advice and support. The JRA’s triadic aims of representing, protecting and furthering the interests of the residents of Jesmond further reassured novices of the property market.

The JRA also work with the local council to improve local infrastructure, support measures to reduce anti-social behaviour and protect green spaces for future generations.     The organisation also issue an annual newsletter and quarterly e-bulletin to all residents of Jesmond.

The ultimate aim of these policies is to reassure students that they always have a point of call, regarding their property, which will always be handled with by an experienced association.

The fair’s continual wave of success was demonstrated by the vast number of students who visited and benefitted from the event.

Last modified: 28th November 2016

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