How to maintain that winter tan

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Winter is here. We open our curtains in the morning to reveal wind, rain and a multitude of other harsh conditions this season inevitably brings. Trousers are worn constantly. Anyone brave enough to wear a skirt opts for thick tights. No-one has shaved their legs in at least three weeks.

And, your hairy legs are the least of your issues. You can spend time in the shower de-fuzzing before you whip on your favourite Christmas dress. The real problem is your tan.

The summer days are gone. Any remnants of a natural, holiday tan is fading. And – let’s face it – you haven’t bothered with your fake tan routine lately. Why would you when the weather is awful? Yet, you find yourself in dilemma. The society you are a member of is having a Christmas ball in two days, your dress is skimpy, and you are the living definition of Snow White.

Luckily, there’s plenty of (student budget friendly) fake tans that can get you looking bronzed in no time. To start, you’re going to need to exfoliate. After shaving your legs (and gawking at the amount of hair in the plug hole) take a flannel or sponge and douse it in exfoliator. My go-to is The Body Shop’s exfoliator. It comes in a range of gorgeous smells and leaves your skin feeling upper smooth. My personal favourite in the pink grapefruit flavour. I cover myself in it before rinsing off in the shower to ensure my skin is perfectly prepped for a flawless tan.

After exiting the shower and ensuring you dry off completely, it’s time to face faking it. Everyone will have a personal preference when it comes to tan. I opt for St. Moriz’s Mousse in shade dark. It’s worth noting that I opt for the dark shade as my skin goes an olive colour naturally in the sun. Anyone with paler skin is probably better off opting for a light or medium shade to ensure the tan looks as natural as possible.  My reason for using this tan is simple – it’s £4 from Wilko. Whilst being budget-friendly is a driving factor here, it also provides a seamless, brown tan. I apply it using a tan mitt from Primark – also friendly for student purses. I liberally use the mousse and make sure to rub it in thoroughly – using circular motions to ensure no streaks. Once I have covered my body in this tan, I leave it to dry for three to four minutes before dressing for bed. I always do my tan in the evening and wash it off the next morning. Different people have different preferences – it all depends on whether you have white bed sheets!

To maintain my tan over the festive period, I use the St. Moriz Mousse twice a week. I also like a little top up in between tans. When I’m feeling less bronzed than I would like, I apply Vitage’s Illuminating Tanning Drops. I mix these tanning drops in with a Vaseline moisturiser and apply liberally to my entire body. This keeps my tan looking healthy and maintained. However, these tanning drops come at a price. With a much heftier price tag of £39, Garnier’s Summer Body Moisturising Lotion is nearly as good for gradual top ups and boasts a much friendlier price tag.

Keeping your tan maintained over winter may feel less desirable, but don’t succumb to laziness. Just a few minutes extra every few days can give you a gorgeous bronzed look for the festive season. It also ensures that extra boost of confidence when wearing that short, strappy party dress.

Last modified: 5th December 2018

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