Iceland: a MOSS-see destination

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After a March field trip to Portugal was stopped in its tracks for reasons that became inevitable, I had to look back a bit further for the last country I visited. Cruising between the two, last summer I was fortunate enough to visit the beautiful Norway and Iceland.
Image: Lily Holbrook

With its breathtaking fjords, falls and unbelievable landscapes, Iceland was unlike anywhere I’d been before. With the ‘midnight sun’ meaning the sky remained gorgeous shades of pink and purple late into the night, the experience was magical. A highlight of Iceland has got to be the surreal snorkel in crystal clear waters between two continental plates at Silfra. Despite drysuits to keep us dry, a downpour of rain as we exited the icy channel meant that warming up with cookies and hot chocolate afterwards became even more essential!

Last modified: 22nd May 2020

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