Is Dominic Cummings’s influence out of hand?

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Every Prime Minister has advisers, but few have been quite as reminiscent of Malcolm Tucker as Dominic Cummings. This power he has over the Prime Minister sets a dangerous precedent, and it is unwise for us to allow a person like him to have such influence over our politics.
The Thick of It’s infamous spin doctor Malcolm Tucker
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This week Cummings came under fire for hiring Andrew Sabisky, who made derogatory remarks about ‘enforced contraception’ and suggested black people have lower IQs. Whilst these views did not come from Cummings, it does call into question the process he is using to recruit staff. His desire to hire “Misfits and Weirdos” in Number 10 has apparently translated into eugenicists. This controversy shows that the current government is being influenced by hateful ideas and that Cummings’ influence is completely out of hand.

Another issue is that Cummings is unelected and unaccountable. Johnson was elected, which regrettably means he has the right to propose any policy he sees fit. But what he does not have the right to do is hand power to someone who people did not vote for and has never held elected office. To make things worse, when journalists try to hold Johnson to account, he refuses to answer with any degree of seriousness and seems to speak only in riddles. Whilst he may think that responding to a question on HS2 using the theme tune from the show PJ Masks portrays him as a new, unorthodox kind of political figure, it just shows the contempt with which he holds criticism, and how desperate he is to escape political scrutiny.

Cummings’s influence is nothing but destructive

Cummings’s influence on politics is nothing but destructive. He has now made it so that the things you would expect to hear from a crazed conspiracy theorist are now coming directly from Downing Street. He must be held to account or he risks creating a long-lasting destructive influence on the polity.

Last modified: 27th February 2020

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