Is it solely performative when brands support pride?

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It is important to remember that although Pride month is celebrated once a year, acknowledging Pride as a normal part of our society is extremely necessary. In order for Pride to be accepted and noticed as part of our everyday society, people need to see it being represented more and more within the media and other common aspects of society.

One way that Pride can be acknowledged as a normal part of society, is through the support it receives from brands. While it is more common for brands to support Pride throughout June, this support is important in the ever-growing normal that must include the representation of those in the LGBTQ+ community.

The support that Pride receives from brands, helps to create and represent this new normal life, where one would hope that every group in society would be seen in the same light – equality. Within the wider community, you may see a same sex couple walking down the street so why can’t we see a same sex couple in a brand campaign?

In a society where people look up to different brands, it can be seen as a duty of the brand to give support and representation to marginalised groups in society; helping to create a new normal.

Through doing this, the brands are publicising Pride and acknowledging this group in society, as well as showing their popular following that members of the LGBTQ+ community are an important part of the campaign as well as their audience and demographic.

In 2017, Facebook create the Pride Flag reaction that was released during Pride month, however, was later removed and not reinstalled for later years. It should be noted that despite its removal, this ‘reaction’ helps to create a society in which we react to posts with reference to Pride, helping to spread awareness and acknowledge that group of people.

The support for Pride generated through brands has been given the label “rainbow-washing”, which is definitely an effective way of creating a new normal. Particular brands that support Pride, through rainbow-washing, are shifting their identity along with the shift in society. This makes the cause more memorable.

For Pride Month 2020, Adidas launched their ‘Pride Pack’ collection. This contains 27 items, including T-Shirts, trainers, leggings and shorts, that are branded with a combination of the Adidas logo and the Pride rainbow flag. This is a very effective way to adapt the well-loved logo of Adidas to match the adapting society that is our new normal through supporting Pride.

It is also important to note here that Adidas Pride collection represents ethnic minorities and plus-sized models in their campaign, continuing to help create a new and improved normal.

Last modified: 6th July 2020

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