Is Joe Biden fit to be the next President?

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Listen, I am not here to argue that you should not vote for Biden. Given that the alternative is a former reality TV star, every American should rally behind the soon to be Democratic nominee. However, this does not mean he is fit to be president, especially when compared to other more appealing nominees.

What the US needs is a revolution. From its absurd privatization of healthcare, to a fundamental lack of care towards its workers, the US is not the country most concerned with the value of the human life. Many are attempting to change this, while others are unaware of the regressive nature of these.

The US needs a president that will guide the people into a revolution. And Biden is simply not fit for this.

Moreover, Biden’s supporters will provide, as examples of his progressiveness, his support of gay marriage and women’s rights. He is progressive when compared to the current president, but not by any other standards. Biden came out in support of the Hyde Amendment, which would prohibit the use of federal funding for abortion. He does not support universal medical care, though he admits it should be expanded. If by American standards he is placed in the center of the political spectrum, for Europe he just results right-wing.

In addition, Joe Biden is just not charismatic enough to beat Trump. This is not to say that Trump deserves any kind of appeal, but it is undeniable that he is fun to watch. Joe on the other hand is painfully lukewarm. He is not inspiring enough to be a great orator, nor convincing enough to appear reassuring. He was a perfectly adequate vice-president, but I’m not convinced his presence is strong enough to embody a head of state.

It should not be hard to see why a president in this climate would need to be a strong figure.

Despite all his faults, he will still be better than Trump. Who wouldn’t be? However, it is important to understand that far superior candidates like Warren and Sanders are not supporting him because of his incredible intellect and unmatched conviction: they are supporting him because the alternative is the worst-case scenario not only for the US, but for the world.

Elisabetta Pulcini

Of course Biden’s fit to be president! Why wouldn’t he be? If there’s any lesson salvageable from the last 4 years of American politics, it’s got to be that anyone can be president!

As long as you work hard, get those sexual assault allegations piled up, flipflop on policy positions when it’s more convenient to be one way or the other, be old, white and male and pledge to uphold the imperialist American empire, you’ve got a great shot at the Oval Office.

So what if he’s definitely got dementia? Being a puppet of the military-industrial complex, he won’t really need to do much decision making himself. So what if he’s incapable of stringing together more than 6 words in a sentence while still making sense? That’s what a good propog..ahem, press department is for! Think of the alternative, an actual left of center candidate winning! We certainly can’t have that, can we?

Who will line the pockets of billionaires further if that happens? Who will support more “interventionist” conflicts all over the global south? Does it matter that Biden eulogized Strom Thurmond’s funeral and considered him a personal friend, a man so viciously racist he filibustered the civil rights bill for 24 straight hours? Of course not, he was Obama’s vice president! He’s the president America deserves.

Now obviously, I’m not being entirely sincere. But there is truth in comedy. The simple fact is that it doesn’t matter who the president is. Things will not change.

Biden’s fit to be president just as Trump was “fit” to be president. They’re practically the same, the only main difference is that one’s got a (D) next to their name.

The DNC was so hellbent on making sure Bernie didn’t get the nomination, they once again nominated a neoliberal milquetoast Obama-era politician, and they will surely act surprised when he inevitable loses to Trump worse than Hillary did in 2016. That doesn’t matter in the slightest either though, because once again, The President of The United States will always be on the same team, and America’s corrupt foreign policy will not change. At least it’ll be a fun race this time. Just the debate between these 2 senile old men will be fun to watch. That’s why I’m riding with Biden.

Muslim Taseer

Last modified: 19th April 2020

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