Is the arrest of climate activists justified?

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Protests and strikes are part of any healthy democracy. The repeated arrest of Jane Fonda and Extinction rebellion activists for raising awareness of Climate change is an affront to the democratic rights which were fought for by brave activists. 

Jane Fonda has been arrested four times now along with other celebrities like Ted Danson. They are a perfect example of wealthier celebrities using their privilege for good and they do not deserve to be arrested for trying to save the planet for future generations.

Youth activism has also played a huge role in the climate strikes, with figures like Greta Thunberg and groups like Extinction Rebellion being made up of mainly young people and students. It is refreshing to see young people so engaged in an issue which will directly influence their future. It has to be asked why then does the Prime Minister of this country call these protesters ‘uncooperative crusties’ instead of dealing with the crisis that they are trying to address? And why have extinction rebellion had to go to court to gain the right to protest in London?

The push back against activists has been part of every great struggle and eventually, authorities will have to realize that the threat is not climate activists but climate change. 

Climate change is the biggest crisis to ever face us. It poses an existential threat to humanity and the idea that climate protesters are being arrested is utterly ridiculous and indicative of the lack of urgency that the government has regarding this issue.

The UN has warned we only have 12 years to limit climate catastrophe there has already been extreme incidents of extreme weather and flooding yet authorities seemed to be more concerned with activists protesting. The authorities arresting these people have to ask themselves activists might cost some money in property damage but what will be the cost if we don’t listen to them?

It is important at this crucial point in the climate crisis that the police stop with the arbitrary arrests of activists and that the government actively work with them to fix the problem.

Last modified: 20th November 2019

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