Is Urban Decay done for?

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I love Urban Decay as a brand. Their vegan and cruelty free formulas, outstanding setting sprays, involvement with charities and student discount on UniDays make them almost perfect. But their Naked collection has truly wrung itself out dry and has, without doubt, become boring. I’m not including their Naked foundation, concealers etc. – but rather want to focus on the Naked palettes – as it was with these that the range first launched.

The first Naked palette was a ground-breaking set of 12 eyeshadows in mattes, shimmers and metallics, all neutral and earth toned shades that each had outstanding pigmentation for the time of its release. The palette shook the beauty community, with plenty of beauty lovers trying to get their hands on the desirable velvet encased palette left right and centre. Urban Decay evidently saw this opportunity to release more palettes in the collection. Naked 2. Naked Basics. Naked 3.

And the list didn’t end there. This is where it got boring. Naked Smoky. Naked Ultimate Basics. Naked Heat. Naked Cherry. And NOW Naked Reloaded. I’m sorry Urban Decay, but you really can’t ‘reload’ a collection by discontinuing the first palette and putting all those shades into a new palette, only taking out the darker tones of the first palette and throwing a few peachy tones into the new one. Rather than a reload, it’s a repetition to make more money. The company knows there are collectors of the Naked palette range – hence why they released a vault with the first three palettes in a year or two ago, and that was heavily sought after. Discontinuing the first naked palette with the launch of the newest is a cruel money making and company-promoting feat.

Not only this, but it’s boring. Neutrals, neutrals, neutrals. They’re great (and quite frankly they’re all I ever use) but to release extremely similar palettes one after each other doesn’t look great. Admittedly, the palettes do adhere to the tones of the Naked range, and fundamentally I guess the range has to stay neutral. But I have to say you ought to at least include a couple of fun colours for people who do like the neutral look to perhaps be inspired by, as the all neutral shades in the colour spectrum have already done in the range (Naked 1, 2 and 3).

Quite frankly too, I personally find that the quality of the shades isn’t great either. When the first Naked palette launched years ago, the pigmentation seemed great. But the beauty industry has moved on with its formulas since then. When you compare the pigmentation of any Naked palette to a Morphe palette that’s 1/3 of the price, its trounced over. Even palettes from the likes of Maybelline and Rimmel can match, if not surpass, the pigmentation of these Naked palettes. By all means, make the shadows neutral if that’s what you really want, but at least give us a little pigment!

I think that the makeup community has undoubtedly moved on from the introductory days of the Naked range. The fundamental idea is great in my opinion, as I love natural makeup, but it has quickly become antiquated with the vast, overproduction of overly similar palettes. The Naked Reloaded palette then, is certainly not a reload, but instead a boring repetition of what has already been done time and time again in the beauty industry, not only by Urban Decay but other brands too. I’m asking for a revamp rather than a reload.

Last modified: 11th March 2019

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