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When you hear of the country Jordan you probably don’t think of hot springs, a safe haven, world heritage sites, and friendly towns – you just think of its location in the Middle East. However, Jordan is an oasis with extraordinary food, magnificent attractions and the jewel of the country that is The Lost City of Petra.  

Jordan is located in the Middle East sandwiched between Syria, Israel, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Due to its setting Jordan isn’t one of the top 10 travel destinations for tourists to fly to. However, looking past its location there are so many magnificent wonders of Jordan to explore, you just have to look past the conflicts of its neighbouring countries. There is no danger in travelling to one of the new Seven Wonders of The World, the Lost City of Petra. The ancient Nabataean city with its pink sandstone tombs and temples carved into the cliffs has earned the nickname “Rose City” due to its beautiful pink sandstone architecture. Discover Petra and take in the magnificent towering edifices that surround you.  

Other than the beautiful Nabataean City, Jordan also has a lot of other places to offer, especially for history enthusiasts. In Jerash, north of Petra, there are Roman ruins to discover. With theatres, colonnades, triumphal arches, squares, hippodromes, an enormous Graeco-Roman settlement and mosaics illustrating the lives of Jordanians you’ll get lost in the history of this beautiful country.  

Then when you’ve taken in all the history of Jordan’s past you can explore the desert landscapes that surround the stunning country. Visit the canyons flowing with mineral-rich water, smell the seasonal flowers covering the arid hills, take in the towering palm trees then take a ride through Wadi Rum at sunset to see the colours of the desert shift as the sun goes down.  

Jordan is known for its history of hospitality to visitors, so you’ll get a warm welcome from the locals. While taking in the sites make sure to also try some Jordan delicacies and eat like the locals. If you consider yourself a foodie, then head to Amman. After seeing all the historical sites and the “Rose City”, relax by taking some food-fuelled days off. There are endless amounts of exotic spices and colours to take in when you explore downtown Amman. A famous delicacy to try is Mensaf, a traditional dish of yoghurt and lamb served with rice, a very popular dish amongst Jordanians. After eating all the gems that make up Jordan’s food culture, explore some more and visit the Citadel, climbing to the highest hill to see the extraordinary views of the charming Amman.  

There are so many more places to discover around Jordan, but The Dead Sea and Shaumari Wildlife Reserve should be at the top of your agenda. With some of the rarest species in the Middle East you’ll get the opportunity to see ostrich, wolf, jackal, gazelle, hyena and the endangered Arabian Oryx, experiencing the great work the reserve is doing to look after them. Next are the hot springs. Take a dip into mineral-rich waters reaching temperatures of 63 degrees Celsius at 264 metres below the sea level. Escape from the hectic days travelling and take a long-deserved break in the hot springs.  

Jordan has been nicknamed the Middle East’s “oasis of calm” due to the peace and tranquillity the country offers. Surrounded by much conflict, Jordan is a peaceful safe haven, with beautiful sites full of history, friendly locals, endless delicacies to enjoy and beautiful views that can take your breath away.  


Last modified: 12th August 2019

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