Keeping your spirits up when the temperature falls

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That time of year has arrived when the streets are laced in ice and you can no longer dress with the motto of ‘style over substance’. The days are being quickly consumed by darkness and you remain in a constant state of feeling cold.

Understandably, keeping chirpy in the frosty weather is a difficult dilemma. However, taking care of you and how you feel should be at the top of your priorities in this chilly spell. It’s important not to feel snowed under this sweater season. So, here are some tips on how to stay upbeat during this downbeat time of year.

  1.     Winterize your workout

The arrival of the cold weather has provided us all with an excuse to not leave the house. Yet moving your body is vital to keeping up your mood. Even if you’re not a gym bunny it is so important to get out an exercise. Why not try a walk round Jesmond Dene, a quick swim at Jesmond swimming pool or even a short YouTube fitness workout?

  1.     Catch some rays

Do not become a hermit. I know it’s tempting to binge a Netflix series and hide away from the cold, but it is so important to get out and about during this wintery period. The hormones that are produced when we are exposed to sunlight are proven to boost your mood. Other benefits range from improving your blood pressure, immune system and even your skin.

  1.     Clear out the clutter

Take advantage of the time you will be spending inside to rid yourself of all the mess that you have collected and stored for the last semester. There will be piles of paper, books and folders you really don’t need in your life anymore. So, now is the time to cleanse your room of all the excess and start a fresh this term. Clear space means clear mind.

  1.     Eat good feel good

Eating healthy and eating regular is proven to give you more energy and consequently improves your mood. It’s all about balance. It’s easy to fall into the cycle of searching for the confectionary aisle, although why not take a spin down the fruit and veg aisles too. Use food to nourish your body, especially when it’s fighting against the cold to keep you healthy.

  1.     Get the balance between socialising & solitude

Being comfortable with your own company is so important to having a well-rounded outlook. You need that time to focus on you. What you want. Where you want to be. You are important and investing time in yourself is key to staying positive. However, isolating yourself inside during this cold spell does nothing for your mental health.  Make plans and surround yourself with people who make you feel good and you’ll see your mood improve instantly.


Last modified: 16th February 2019

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