Coming Soon!: Knives Out hopes to solve the ‘whodunit’ genre

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Two years after the controversial Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson is set to grace the silver screen once more with his new film Knives Out, an Agatha Christie inspired whodunit with a modern twist. Knives Out follows the classic premise of the genre, with a family reunion falling into dire straits when the patriarch is found murdered and detective Benoit Blanc is called to investigate.

The most fascinating thing about this film is its ensemble cast, boasting such names as Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Michael Shannon. Not only are these terrific actors crossing unlikely paths, but for the first three Knives Out is something of a proving ground. Craig, Evans and Curtis have all fallen back on their respective franchises in recent years and have struggled to find equal success outside of them, which invigoratingly raises the stakes, not just for their characters’ survival, but their careers as well.

“Knives Out has already received rave reviews from critics during the Toronto Independent Film Festival in September”

Fortunately for these actors, Knives Out has already received rave reviews from critics during the Toronto Independent Film Festival in September, with praise being placed on the use of the ensemble, as well as Rian Johnson’s sharpened suspense. While it’s exciting that Johnson may finally recover his own place as a deservedly reputed director, the larger picture bodes well for the whodunit genre itself.

The whodunit mystery has been trapped in a creative limbo in recent years, with many rehashing well-known tales without taking any creative liberties. 2017’s Murder on the Orient Express, although visually elegant, is itself a culprit in the creative massacre of the beloved genre. Bringing a modern twist and an original story already situates Knives Out head and shoulders above its derivative counterparts, and if initial reviews are anything to go by, the game will certainly be afoot this November 29th.

Last modified: 22nd October 2019

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