Last resort: was Trump right to pick his own golf retreat to host G7 summit?

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Trump’s actions are often unpredictable, but something that can be anticipated is his abuse of presidential privilege.

After all, it is hard to believe he chose Trump National Doral Miami – a property the Miami Herald reported to be “severely underperforming” – to host the G7 because he thought it was the best America had to offer. The plan has since been dropped, but the story stills acts as another display of his disregard for political norms and lack of respect for office. Unlike typical corrupt leaders, he seems to flaunt the conflicts of interest that his business creates: he didn’t release his tax returns or put his assets in a blind trust.

Trump’s plan diminishes the authority that the US needs to carry out diplomacy effectively

This may seem a fairly trivial issue, but the US dominates the world stage, and when presidents act like this it diminishes the authority that the US needs to carry out diplomacy effectively. How can the president air legitimate criticisms of the corruption in other countries when he attempts to use his businesses to host summits like the G7?

Even besides the clear conflict of interest, it is a deeply embarrassing foreign policy choice. World leaders do not expect to be used as a marketing ploy for the president’s business. This decision doesn’t portray the US as the greatest country in the world, as Trump might hope: it shows a country with a president who is incapable of basic professionalism.

This decision was not only a huge mistake, but one of many signs that Trump cannot be trusted to carry out the basic diplomatic roles which were once a given for the president.

Patrick Young’s take on Trump’s decision can be found here: http://www.thecourieronline.co.uk/tasteless-tactics-was-trump-right-to-pick-his-own-golf-retreat-to-host-g7-summit/

Last modified: 29th October 2019

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