Level Up! Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

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Few games make the turnaround that Rainbow Six Siege or No Man’s Sky pulled off, but DICE has for a second time after their fix-up of Battlefield 4 with their Star Wars outing, Battlefront II.

At launch, the title was met with a miasma of internet hatred that, even after a redemption story that challenges Darth Vader’s, lingered like a bad stench. However, with trailers galore and plenty of free, DLC-sized updates, DICE have found themselves on the people’s good side once more, with a rapidly growing player base, the biggest since the game’s launch.

Battlefront II has, [at no charge], received numerous new game modes along with new heroes, new reinforcements and plenty of new skins.

Since 2017, Battlefront II has received numerous new game modes such as Instant Action, Supremacy, Co-Op, and Extraction, along with new heroes such as Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, General Grievous, BB-8, and BB-9E. On top of this, there’s been new reinforcements and plenty of new skins. The best part? All of it was free, and the ‘Celebration Edition’ was optional as you could get all the cosmetics through gameplay alone, but supporting DICE after such a comeback felt good.

However, new content alone a comeback does not make, and what truly solidified Battlefront II’s triumphant transformation was a change in attitude and the removal of the progression system that it debuted with. Ben Walke, the community manager, made leaps and strides in communication, whilst the developers began to give fans what they wanted whilst also delving into passion projects such as the aforementioned inclusion of the two rolly droids. Playing the game has become fun, as it now all about leveling up to unlock things, rather than finding them in RNG crates.

With so much added post-launch on top of a plethora of updates and quality of life additions, along with a change in attitude when it comes to developing and communication, Battlefront II has come around to the light side once and for all – let’s just hope it doesn’t die quite as quick as our favourite villain clad in black.

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Ben Walke is set to leave after his final community transmission (CT) which will be coming next week, as he has garnered himself a deserved promotion to producer. He’ll be unveiling the second half of the Age of Rebellion update, which will bring forth with it the long-awaited Scarif from Rogue One. After he leaves, the community can only hope that whoever fills his shoes keeps a healthy connection going forward, because that is a major part of what caused Battlefront II to level up.

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Last modified: 21st March 2020

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