Live Review: Astroid Boys at Riverside

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Astroid Boys were last in Newcastle when supporting Enter Shikari on their arena tour last year. Initially, Astroid Boys seemed an odd choice as they are quite different to Enter Shikari, however their set won me over and I became a fan.

Somehow, Astroid Boys manage to blend rap, grime, punk and rock into their songs. It doesn’t sound like it should work but I can confirm that it does, with their latest tour only further demonstrating this.

The band took to the stage with an infectious energy which only encouraged the crowd’s positive reactions to their songs. Vocalists Benji and Traxx gave a great live performance and it is obviously how much they love what they do. A highlight was when both Benji and Traxx were in the crowd, in the middle of a mosh pit and still performing! The band spoke about how grateful they are to their fans, and this also came across in how much they were putting into the set, ensuring all their fans had a great time.

[pullquote]For me, that is what music is all about – bringing people together to enjoy live music[/pullquote]

The band features 3 vocalists, a drummer, DJ and a guitarist. However, several of the songs were performed without the guitarist and/or drummer. Personally, I felt the songs that involved the whole band were the best performances, as they had the best sound and encouraged more audience participation.

The setlist compromised of a good mix between the new album and their older tracks. ‘Foreigners’ was a highlight of the set, the song’s highly political lyrics really riling the crowd up and, the entire venue chanting along to the chorus.

The band didn’t do an official encore, but did very clearly have a closing section with songs ‘Minging’ and ‘Dusted’ from their 2016 Bacon Dreams EP. These were clear fan favourites, and a great way to finish the show with finale ‘Dusted’ featuring the best/largest mosh pit of the night.

Personally, my favourite aspect of the night was the crowd. The band fuse several genres which has allowed for a wide fanbase, but Astroid Boys still managed to bring these different groups of people together for the night. For me, that is what music is all about – bringing people together to enjoy live music and have a good time. This made the gig feel special, adding an extra element to the band’s music. I would definitely encourage everyone to check out a live show from Astroid Boys to really appreciate them.

Last modified: 27th March 2018

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