Live Review: Cassia at Think Tank

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Opening with ‘Sink’, frontman Rob Ellis carried the audience from the stifling lull between support acts by playing the song’s opening guitar riff as a solo, which was then supported in unison by the band.

Even something as simple as this speaks volumes of the band’s ability to change the tone of a venue, after any support act, regardless of who or where – the tone being one of unadulterated delight, seen when the crowd began to twist their shoulders and step from foot to foot as the show began.

Oozing with an almost unquantifiable glow that makes them accessible to any audience

The band seemed confident and relaxed onstage, which is evident in their live sound: sharp and fluent, yet oozing with an almost unquantifiable glow that makes it accessible to any audience. The three piece have an undeniable on stage chemistry, laughing and joking amongst themselves, seeming to be genuinely thrilled at thought of performing to a typically-receptive Newcastle crowd. This on stage connection seems contagious, and the audience are soon all sporting the same grins as the band members, some dedicated followers joyously singing along.

The music itself boasts complex guitar riffs, which are contrasted well by sharp and simplistic rhythms from drummer Jake Leff, creating an almost overwhelmingly charming indie sound. In the case of many artists, this complexity of sound can sometimes be lost in a small venue such as Think Tank, however the intimacy of the space seems to only exaggerate the allure of their performance.

Soon enough, the band broke into the opening of ‘Moana’, a fan favourite, which has attracted a great deal of attention on social media through a video released by the band last year. The excitement within the crowd upon hearing the songs infectious opening riff is an insight into where this band are on track to be in the not too distant future.

Learning that these lads are from Macclesfield, not a far cry from my hometown of Bolton, I was filled with a sense of pride in the musical attitude of the North West. Cassia are shaping up to be a force to be reckoned with on the UK indie scene, and are flying the flag for independent, home-grown music, full of character and flair.

Last modified: 26th February 2018

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