Living La Vida Local: Week 15

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So how did you come together as a band?

Andrew Jones- Well these used to be in a band called Meatniks and they kicked out their old guy.

Jamie Oliver- We disbanded as Meatniks but me and Alex still jammed together for ages. We wrote some songs that sounded pretty good but then we needed some bass. Andrew is a-

Alex Nicholson- Guitarist.

JO- Yeah, he’s a guitarist but we got him in to play bass. He’s different though. He plays baritone guitar, which is a bit of a compromise. We’re a band full of compromises some would say.

I can’t be doing with Eat4Less. It’s canny shite like

How would you describe your sound?

JO- We’ve spent ages trying to figure that out. Surf/Doom/Punk is one way you could go.

AJ- In that order.

AN- Loads of breakbeat… there is no breakbeat.

You’re band’s name is Cheap Lunch, where’s your favourite spot in Newcastle for a cheap lunch?

AN- Peggy Sues on Chilli Road.

AJ- Rank.

AN- Last time I was there I got mistaken for a playwright.

AJ- I can’t be doing with Eat4Less. It’s canny shite like.

JO- That Time Banh Mi place. They’re doing it even cheaper now so I’ll definitely be there more.

Where do you guys fit into the Newcastle music scene?

AJ- There’s a lot of noisey bands and there’s a lot of shoegaze bands. We’re none of them. We bring a lot of noise.

AN- Don’t use that quote.

We bring the noise

It’s gonna be a pull quote.

AJ- We’ve been playing with a lot of people. We’ve played with indie pop people and heavier people. We’re quite versatile. We have ballady songs but we also have proper Sabbathy doom things.

JO- Our songs go from slow and heavy to heavy and fast or slow fast and heavy or they’ll do all of these at once.

AJ- We like messing with people. We like putting breakdowns in the middle of things or just when you think there’s going to be a breakdown just stopping.

JO- We just get bored when we’re writing so we just go “That sounds cool, let’s just go with it. We share a room with Tough Tits and we fit in really well with them.

AJ- They’re a great bunch of guys…

JO- They’re all girls.

We like the small venues. They works for us just because we have no fans”

What venues have you played?

AJ- We’ve played at The Cluny which has mint sound and it was great having that wall of sound. We put on a gig around Christmas at The Little Buildings which is tiny and that was a really good atmosphere. It was proper brutal.

AN- We like the small venues that works for us just because we have no fans.

JO- The sound does travel better in a small room though.

AJ- We practice in a tiny room so it makes sense .

Cheap Lunch play The Cluny on July 16th in support of Grace House Children’s hospital. Tickets £5 on the door.

More information can be found below.


Last modified: 4th May 2016

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