Lush Gears Up for an Important Holiday Period

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If you love Lush, you know that their most anticipated products are from their Halloween and Christmas collections. Every year, Lush get even more creative with their products, which are perfect as either a treat for yourself or for someone else. They have classic reoccurrences within their collections (such as the ‘Snow Fairy’ range) but which products are worth splurging on?

Looking at the Halloween collection, the ‘Lord of Misrule’ shower cream is a must. This is Lush’s Halloween best seller and smells rich and heavily spiced, perfect for the cold days. The colour is an incredible vibrant green and reminiscent of slime; perfect for Halloween! It reminds me of crackling fires and toffee apples, as an infusion of vanilla gives it a subtle sweetness amongst the spices. Even if you aren’t usually a fan of heavily spiced scents, this is too good to miss!

Another option is the ‘Twilight’ range of bathing products. This is another Lush bestseller and has been re-released due to popular demand. If you feel stressed, the lavender and tonka is instantly calming. Equally, you can try spraying the body spray on yourself or your pillows before you go to bed to help you relax and sleep. This is a popular scent, and has many other complimentary products such as ‘Sleepy’ (an amazing body lotion to use before bed) so you can grab the full collection and have a good night’s rest.

Looking at the Christmas range now, the ‘Berry Berry’ Christmas Shower Gel is just fantastic. This shower gel is aqua blue with tiny silver glitter pieces, and is mesmerising to look at. The product lathers up easily and smells fruity fresh. This is a scent that lush has never released before, and is worth checking out! In terms of the packaging, Lush is trying to help the environment by eliminating plastic pots. This has resulted in them making a packaging free collection. The ‘Naked’ range gives you all the product minus the pot, but if you don’t want the naked products don’t be alarmed as there are still potted versions available. The ‘Naked’ products come in all forms, ranging from scrubs, shower gels and body conditioners.

My favourite product from this range is the ‘Once Upon a Time’ body lotion. It is a lovely mint green colour and is in the shape of a pot, with a crisp apple scent. You glide it across your body and it creates an easily-absorbed oil. I find it more hydrating than the normal potted version, and believe the scent lingers for a longer time. To store it, I put it the bags that Lush put bath bombs in, and find that it does not melt unless in contact with skin. If you want to save money and the environment, I would highly recommend the ‘Naked’ collection alternatives. These are available for most of the products found in Lush’s Halloween and Christmas ranges.

Last modified: 20th October 2017

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