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When it comes to makeup shopping, we are all familiar with the usual boots and superdrug to get our make up from. But if you’re new to Newcastle, why not start with somewhere a little different?

It is so easy to get stuck shopping through the same beauty brands and spending way too much of your student loan on that Estee Lauder, MAC or Charlotte Tilbury foundation. Although we love our high-end brands, we thought we’d share Newcastle’s variety of independent and affordable makeup stores that have great quality makeup for cheaper prices – just want we, students, are looking for.

Lush (located in Eldon Square)

Although Lush sells a lot of bath bombs and soap, Lush also have a large beauty collection which includes their ‘Amazon Primer’, the ‘Pipit Glow Stick’ highlighter, ‘Eyes Right’ mascara and the ‘Slap Stick’ solid foundation; all priced under £20. As well as affordable products, Lush fights against animal testing, raises money for charities, animal shelters and refugee support and are environmentally friendly with the production of their products. So, if you want to feel better about yourself when splashing out on some new blusher, be ethical about it and get yourself to Lush. It smells pretty good in there too.

Lush is located in Intu Eldon Square

Lush is located in Intu Eldon Square

Inglot Cosmetics (located in Eldon Square)

One of the newest additions to the beauty department in Eldon Square is Inglot and this one’s for the colour lovers. Inglot never fails to produce the most fluorescent eye shadow pallets and vibrant lip colours on the market. The prices don’t compare to some high street bargains but most products stay under £20 and are very high in quality. It’s cheaper than chanel anyway.

Inglot is located in Intu Eldon Square

Kiko (located in Eldon Square)

Similarly to Inglot, Kiko is another Eldon Square beauty store that has opened more recently but unlike Inglot, Kiko provides a large variety of products from as little as £4. Both Kiko and Inglot are great alternatives to regular brands with high prices such as ‘MAC’ or ‘Bobbi Brown’ but they are located directly opposite each other so we’ll leave you to decide which you prefer.

Kiko is located in Intu Eldon Square (opposite Inglot Cosmetics)

Xtras (located in Eldon Square)

Xtras is definitely a hidden gem for beauty products. From the outside, this shop may look like your standard fancy dress store, with some crazy wigs and hair extensions, but you can actually find multiple makeup items starting from just £1. One favourite from here is the technic colour fix concealer which is perfect for daily wear and will only set you back by £2.25. Even if this product isn’t the best quality around, it will certainly be the most cost effective.

Xtras is located in Intu Eldon Square

 Ellen’s cosmetics (located in Eldon Square)

Similarly to Xtras, Ellen’s cosmetics is definitely a store that will keep you out of your overdraft. If you’re watching your spends, you can find brands like w7 and Technic Colour which are a great replacement for high-street favourites like Rimmel and Maybelline.

Ellens Beauty is located in Grainger Market, take a right when entering from Nelson st.

Primark (located on Northumberland Street)

Many associate primark with cheap clothes and bad quality. But don’t be fooled by the beauty range of bargains on the first floor. That £2 tanning mitt will last you at least 2 months and those £1 eyelashes could fool anyone. Primark’s cosmetics are perfect for your student budget. Swap your £15 concealer to a £2 version or buy some funky false nails for a quid instead of spending your weekly budget on a full acrylic set. When you’re in Primark, you can live a Kardashian lifestyle on a student wage.

Primark is located on Northumberland st.


Last modified: 21st April 2020

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