Location, location, location – the top 5 procrastination stations in the Robbo

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After the lovely month-long Easter break that made you almost forget that you even go to uni, third term has hit us all hard with exam season.

Assignments, projects, exams – whatever it is you must do, you will be residing in the Robbo for most of this term, so you need to know the best study spots to get on top of your game. Here’s my top 5 locations in the Robbo for getting in the zone and not losing your sanity…

As close to the windows as possible, any floor

The only thing that will maintain your sanity in that deafening silence will be those windows; A good(ish) view, a sense of space, and a long enough walk to the toilets to feel like a break. Although, having the ability to watch the people outside walking away from the library may be slightly soul-destroying…

A Booth, collaborative area, second floor

If you have managed to bag a booth in exam season (congratulations, by the way), you are destined to have a good day. With the booths, you get all the benefits of a study room without the sweaty, isolated feel. Bring your best pals and lots of snacks, because you are trapped in a zen zone of studying, or chatting, – whichever floats your boat. Plus, not having to fight for the last plug socket in the collaborative area to charge your laptop is always a bonus.

The desks near the book shelves, third or fourth floor

This is a personal favourite of mine. This is the small clusters of desks that seem to be hidden next to the bookshelves just before the main silent area. This place is often overlooked, most people walking past them towards the main event. However, this is a top-tier place. This space allows you to watch pretty much the entire floor without the panic of everyone else around you being super productive. Plus, you’re much closer to any of the books you may need. Bingo.

The Booth chairs, third or fourth floor

These are the large capsule-looking chairs that you can see by the windows when stood outside of the library but can never seem to locate from the inside. Just keep walking around the edges of the floor and you’ll find one. These are a very cute spot for some personal space and as a little reading nook, if you’re feeling boujee. However, not the best for the person with the huge laptop and fifteen textbooks. Still cute, though.

The café

Despite being one of the Robbo’s more depressing-looking areas, this is the library’s finest procrastination station, where no work shall cross the threshold. This is a space of freedom, relaxation, and total work avoidance. A space for sharing your myriad of woes, finally being able to talk louder than a whisper, and having those crisps you’ve been craving. Let’s stay for five more minutes, yeah?


Last modified: 5th May 2019

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