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Though that frantic search for last minute presents may seem miles away, our ethically inclined friends at Lush Cosmetics have already rolled out their 2015 Christmas range, having gained a wide release to all stores on October 2nd. Of course, the ever-expanding Xmas range can be used all year round, but with scents like cinnamon, candy canes, and figgy pudding to feast your nostrils on, how could you not think of ‘the most wonderful time of the year’? With 41 products to choose from, I took it upon myself to sniff, soak, and scrub my way through the new festive line to give you the best products being exclusively introduced to the range this year – so hurry, if you’re looking to beat the winter blues, get your mittens on them quick, because once they’re gone, there’s no guarantee Santa’s sleigh will be bringing them back next year!

Fairy Dust’ Dusting Powder – £5.95/70g

Sharing its scent with Lush’s winter bestseller, Snow Fairy shower gel, this pearly pink powder is magical in both design and use. Similar to other powdered deodorants, simply sprinkle a little bit into your hand and rub it anywhere you want to get soft, sparkly, and smelling like sugary sweet bubblegum. What’s more, you can even use this to freshen up your bedsheets, or use as a shake-n-vac replacement, leaving your flat smelling like the Sugar Plum Fairy has stayed the night.

Salt and Peppermint Bark’ Body Scrub – £5.95/each

Speckled with dots of red and white, this seasonal square is like if candy canes were a cuboid. With a creamy peppermint scent (duh, kind of given away in the name), this is great to use in your morning shower to scrub away dead skin and waken up your senses in preparation of facing sleet and snow to get to that 9am lecture on time

Bah Humbug’ Bubble Bar – £3.65/each

If you can’t stand the Christmas frenzy, and just so happen to have access to a bath this year, embrace your inner Scrooge with this reusable bubble bar. Crumble some of this liquorice scented sphere under the tap to unleash mountains of silky bubbles into the water, turning it a dark shade of purple. With hints of lemon and fennel, it’ll leave you feeling and smelling like the Ghost of Christmas Present.

Santa’s Belly’ Shower Jelly – £3.95/100g, £7.95/240g

Though the So White shower gel sadly hasn’t returned this year, its scent lives on in this deep red pot of delight. Cut into small cubes and lather up with a loofah to leave you smelling of crisp apples, or pop it whole in your freezer for a refreshingly chilly morning shower. If Granny Smiths aren’t your thing, you’ll be glad to know this wibbly wobbly wonder also contains vegan red wine to get your skin tipple.

Magic of Christmas’ FUN Bar – £5.00/200g

We students all love products that multi-task, and Lush’s FUN Bars are the ultimate bathtime miracle worker. This particular variant features tangerine, cinnamon, and juniperberry, making it a boozy, fruit punch inspired delight that would go hand in hand with a slice of Christmas pudding. Use a grape size amount of this adult Play-Doh to replace your shampoo, shower gel, or bubble bath, making it one of Lush’s best value-for-money products.

Last modified: 9th November 2015

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