Made In Chelsea: Highlight

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Haven’t you heard? The Chelsea elite are back from their summer long party in glamorous LA and have been spotted in their natural habitat, sashaying down the catwalk of Kings Road. But just what did they get up to while they were away?

In short: lies, deception and heartbreak. Oh, and there was that almost wedding ceremony between Jamie and Alex, given by Elvis in Vegas. So, pretty standard really.

With the last series finishing on a dramatic note in a mix of champagne and tears, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been left in anticipation over whether or not Jess, despite rejecting McVitie’s heir Jamie, will finally succumb to his charms. And just what will happen between Binky and JP?! It’s hard to tell from the trailer for series 10, but we can make out that old time favourites Ollie Locke and Richard Dinan will make a triumphant return. What a time to be alive! Bit sad? Quite possibly.

One thing is for sure, however, and that’s that there will be lashings of legendary Mark-Francis tailored sass; the real reason we all watch Made in Chelsea. So, whilst you’re curled up in bed, recovering from last night’s Jägerbombs, donning your favourite Primarni onesie, and with some leftover pizza by your side (I mean, obviously, right?), let yourself be transported away, first class of course, to lunch at the Bluebird café with Binky, Lucy and Digby. All followed by an elegantly messy night out at Boujis with the rest of the twenty-something socialites. Yea boi!

Jasmine Campion

Last modified: 19th October 2015

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