Making a house a home – Student style

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Moving into university halls can be a daunting prospect for many students for a number of reasons,  like packing the right things to make sure I felt at home. There are various ways us students can make our university rooms look homelier that are simple and fairly cheap too!

  1. Photos – lots of them
    If your halls allow you to, cover your walls in photos of your friends, family or your boyfriend/girlfriend, reminding you of memories you’ve had. This will help make your room personal to you and a space for you to retreat to, reminiscing the good times you’ve had – such as your 18th birthday party where you and your friends got absolutely smashed.
    If you can’t hang anything on your university room walls, there are alternatives such as filling a noticeboard with pictures, making it like a scrapbook, or buying cheap frames and putting pictures in them – for example, Poundland do some nice frames which will do the job nicely without breaking the student bank!

  2. Posters

You can inject a bit of your own p
personality into your dorm room by adding posters of your favourite bands, artists or TV     shows (such as GOT). Even the cliché ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ signs and other      motivational quotes which are sure to keep your spirits high throughout the year.

3. Fairy lights

fairy lights are a winner and you can never have too many! They provide a twinkle of magic to your room, whilst at the same time making it look pretty and home-like. You can get them cheap and in all different styles and colours so the right ones are out there for everyone.

4. Cushions and throws

It’s a good idea to pick a colour scheme and stick to it because a nice room means you’ll instantly feel more at home. My halls already had a set colour scheme so I used this to shape my dorm room. I picked a few red cushions from

Last modified: 17th October 2016

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