Milabu: YouTube's short hair guru

Margarita Ivanova cuts to the chase and tells us about the YouTube channel we all should be subscribed to.

Margarita Ivanova
1st March 2020
YouTube: Milabu

Once upon a time, I cut my hair short, and nothing has been the same ever since. I waved goodbye to the ‘just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-still-presentable’ look, made my farewell to the quick high ponytail hairstyle (always perfect for those days when you’re running late, but still want to look like you’ve made an effort), and said hello to high maintenance and daily styling. I left the carefree days of long hair behind me. 

But let’s get one thing straight: I love my short hair, and I don’t regret cutting it. And let’s face it, cutting your hair short (or, at least, shorter), is an incredibly liberating experience. The only problem with short hair is that, as the euphoria wears off, you realise that you have absolutely no idea how to style it. Thank god for YouTube, right? 

YouTube: Milabu

There are only so many times that a person can wear the same short hair hairstyle before falling into a pit of boredom and despair. If you’re anything like me, (that is, if you have short hair, and you refuse to have it in a half-up-half-down style for the millionth time), you’ve probably searched up ‘cute hairstyles for short hair’ on YouTube, and got an overwhelmingly large amount of results showing different people doing the same two or three hairstyles. Another day, another half-up-half-down it is, then. 

Luckily, I did eventually stumble across Milabu - a channel dedicated (but not limited!) to stunning short hair hairstyles. Unlike the majority of the YouTube channels for short hair, Milabu actually introduces a variety of creative hairstyles to suit every person, every mood, and every occasion. The world is your oyster, as far as Milana - the face of Milabu - is concerned. 

Milana’s bubbly personality, and the informative way in which she guides her viewers through each hairstyle makes the videos not only entertaining, but also easy to follow - though I’ll admit, the hairstyles themselves are not always as easy to recreate. My personal favourite, the retro faux hawk, is a hairstyle that I’m still trying to perfect. Even Milana needs help sometimes, inviting her husband, Andrey, who often sits behind the scenes, to make a quick appearance to assist her. So, it might be wise to have a friend on hand for those hairstyles that you think might be a bit more challenging to create on your own. And, while it may seem like a ton of work, I promise that Milana’s hairstyles are totally worth the extra minutes (or hours, who am I kidding?) that you spend on them. You’ll never want to go back to the mundane and much dreaded half-up-half-down again - unless it’s raining, or really windy, in which case I’ll be right there with you. 

YouTube: Milaba

As I’ve mentioned before, if you browse through Milana’s channel, you will find that she is not just a short hair hairstyle guru, but a makeup expert and fashion enthusiast. She also tests out many beauty items, such as curlers and hair dryers, so that we don’t have to - unless they’re good enough to buy. Oh, and she vlogs too! As you can see, Milabu is very much an all-in-one kind of channel, and may possibly be the only channel you’ll ever need, whether you have short hair or not. So, this should go without saying: Milabu is subscription-worthy. 

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