Monster Hunter’s Witcher crossover event

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Announced in December 2018, Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World was revealed to be getting a crossover event with CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher series. A short trailer quickly revealed to players that this would be an event to remember.

The plot of the event is easy enough to follow: the titular Witcher, Geralt of Rivia comes through a portal into the ‘New World’ of Capcom’s game – along with several of The Witcher’s nastier monsters, which begin causing trouble in the ecosystem of Monster Hunter: World. Geralt arrives right in front of our main cast of characters, introducing himself with his signature gravelly voice.

Geralt then agrees to help out the Fifth Fleet’s hunters, by tracking down this new creature that is terrorising the forests. For a price, of course.

This is where the event really steps into its own. Upon embarking on this quest the player will assume the role of Geralt, rather than their own hunter. Along with this, the event’s quests take on many gameplay mechanics of The Witcher 3’s contracts. There’s a lot more talking and using Witcher senses than your average hunt in World.

As with any Monster Hunter event, there will be some sweet-looking armour and weapons to craft with the parts obtained from the quest.

The quest takes on more mechanics of The Witcher in the fact that whilst playing as Geralt, the player will be able to use the magical ‘Signs’ of the Witchers, allowing them to use combat magics in the style of Geralt himself.

The quest will take on open-world aspects, with plenty of mini-quests interspersed throughout the forest for the player to pick up on. And finally, as with any Monster Hunter event, there will be some sweet looking armour and weapons to craft with the parts obtained from the quest. Capcom have just rolled out a second part to this expansion that brings another Witcher character, Ciri, into the mix who also has her own craftable weapons for hunters to use.

Last modified: 1st September 2019

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