Morrison’s is launching a vegan pork pie

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First Gregg’s vegan sausage roll, then the vegan chicken McNuggets, and now Morrison’s is releasing its own vegan pork pies on December 9th.

After Gregg’s success with the vegan sausage roll, and even their CEO going vegan, it’s safe to say that there has been quite a dramatic rise in the amount of foods that now have vegan substitutes. From pastries to milks and cheeses, there’s a vegan version of almost every type of food one can think of. The latest one that has gotten people’s attention is Morrison’s vegan pork pie, which is to be released in stores on December 9th, 2019. 

The “No Pork Pie” will be sold for the price of £1.75 for one or £3 for two pies. Although reviewed as a tad dry by the Huffington Post, people are overall happy with the filling resembling a meaty texture, which is at the same time light and filling. 

Anticipated by both vegans and non-vegans, the pastry has quite high expectations to live up to

Completely free of any dairy and animal products, it is made from soya and pea protein, however its recipe is kept a secret and is only known by six Morrison’s staff.

Launching on December 9th, it will arrive in stores just in time for families’ Christmas tables. It seems as though it is expected to be a successful product, given the success of other companies’ vegan food options.

Anticipated by both vegans and non-vegans, the pastry has quite high expectations to live up to, and especially being released before such a big holiday. However, this is also a good marketing technique on their side, because the pie’s association with the Christmas season will create a rise in sales every winter.

Hopefully, the taste will live up to the expectations that Morrison’s have built with their advertising – a warm homemade-like pastry, comforting people in the cold winter days.

Last modified: 26th November 2019

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