Mother, by Grace Dean

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Mother, by Grace Dean

As a baby she brought me to world,

and taught me how to dance, love and laugh.

She sang me lullabies every night,

even though her voice was a bit naff.

As a child I was unruly,

with my behaviour often bad,

but she instilled in me good morals,

despite sometimes driving me quite mad.

As a teenager we all have problems

with alcohol, friendships and Maths,

but she taught me that there’s more to life

than hangovers, selfies and graphs.

Away at university she’s always still there;

She’s even figured out how to text me on her phone.

She listens to all I have to say,

even though I usually just moan.

At the grand age of 20 I can finally appreciate

that she’s more than just a mother to me.

She’s my drinking buddy, my dance partner, my best friend,

and prouder of her I just couldn’t be.

Last modified: 17th July 2019

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