Mozambique: a splashing good time

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Thinking about my craziest travel experience, I actually found it so hard to pick one. But from an overnight stay in Johannesburg to weaving palm leaves and drinking from fresh coconuts, a solo trip to Mozambique in 2019 was by far the most surreal.

Volunteering with conservation organisation Love The Oceans, perhaps the craziest moment of the two-week trip was the swimming lessons. With only one pickup truck and tens of kids eager to swim, they clambered onto the vehicle, each one excited and ready for the crazy ride that had become part of their weekly ritual. Armed with pool noodles and swimming costumes, teaching them to swim was one of the most rewarding experiences and so unlike anything I’d have the opportunity to do at home.

With the kids dropped off and the swimming lessons done, one of my favourite moments was the golden hour ride back to the resort. Standing in the back of the truck with the wind in my hair, I held onto the boxes of swimming gear as we sped down the dusty lanes, sun setting behind palm trees as we drew into the breathtaking Guinjata Bay. Feeling so happy to be alive, it’s moments like this that embody everything it means to travel.

Image: Lily Holbrook

Last modified: 3rd June 2020

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