My all-time favourite dish

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My all-time favourite dish? Now that difficult. But when I think of my favourite dish, I must bring it back to an amazing memory, wherein the food enhances the experience. So, my choice must be a beautifully simple fish dish in the tiny restaurant ‘La Crispeta’ in Alicante, Spain, sat by the open terraced windows looking onto the street during a beautiful summer rainstorm.
Calle Jorge Juan, 6, 03002 Alicante, Spain

To the dish itself, it was simply a beautifully grilled whole sea-bream, seasoned with chive and garlic butter and served alongside an assortment of grilled courgette and asparagus.  The fish merely fell from the bone and melted in the mouth. It was wonderfully cooked, and even better, as it was the fish of the day it was remarkably fresh.  I have tried to recreate this dish many times myself, however I have never quite managed to perfect the grilled tenderness of the dish.

Although a simple dish, just thinking of it brings me back to a wonderful day, in an amazing restaurant, with wonderful company and incredible staff who allowed me to practice my Spanish, rewarding the experience with a very welcome end of meal shot. Which I promise has not affected my review of this dish. If you are ever in Alicante, Spain, with loved ones or are there for a few days of sun, sand, and drinks; visit La Crispeta for the Fish of The Day. You will not regret it.

P.S. Don’t forget the cocktails, they’re delightful, and they may even create one off-menu to match your dish (if you ask nicely).  

Last modified: 30th August 2020

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