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NCL Spark has been launched to provide current students with the opportunity to contact alumni from around the world to seek careers advice and mentoring.

A collaboration between Newcastle University Careers Service and the Advancement department, NCL spark launched on Monday 4 February with a launch event held in the Hadrian Building.

NCL Spark is an online networking platform where current Newcastle University students can search through graduate profiles to explore different careers. Students are then able to contact the graduates and, if desired, establish a mentoring partnership. This enables students to explore career routes and benefit from the guidance and personal experience of those currently working in their sector of interest. Via the platform, students can find out about the skills and experience required for success in a particular career path, gain advice on finding relevant work experience, and receive tips on how to succeed in applications and interviews.

Commenting on the platform, Jonny Hall, Newcastle University Students’ Union Education Officer, said: “NCL Spark is a great tool for students to connect with alumni who once walked in their shoes. I look forward to using NCL Spark to connect with alumni mentors and to building my network.”

Alumni are also able to contact former course mates through the online directory on NCL Spark, as well as having the opportunity to seek careers advice and establish a professional international network.

To access NCL Spark and search for mentors, go to https://www.newcastle.aluminate.net/.

Last modified: 11th February 2019

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