Need to find a stylish, sustainable present this Christmas? Fear Knot!

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Knots by Fox is a small independent online business, sustainably sourced, supplying handmade macramé by Newcastle University student Amber Fox.

What started off as a pass time hobby over lockdown, Miss Fox found herself amidst a potential business venture, fashioning bespoke macramé hangings and marketing them via her social media. After accumulating some attention as well as interest, Fox got to work and began creating her mini-empire.

Macramé has recently weaved its way back into mainstream home interior trends, especially integrating amongst the dorms of students. And why the hell not? From plant holders to wall hangings, macramé provides a neutral yet statement piece to a room. Not to mention, hanging plant holders are idealistic for featuring plants in a small space, saving floor space. So tiny rented rooms are no excuse to not feature a bit of greenery in your room. You can’t go wrong!

Plants not really your thing? No biggie, as Miss Fox has expanded her business into the fashion realm. Introducing the macramé clutch! How could I possibly resist it when it was so tastefully fashioned by Miss Fox herself!

My first reaction to classic clutch was love at first sight! I had to grab one for myself.

As soon as possible I got onto Instagram and enquired on purchasing, where I was given the option of choosing whatever colour I wanted. Absolutely limitless! Though originally presented in a boss woman black, I opted for a neutral sand colour. My thought process behind it was I wanted a warmed toned bag that I could show off in the summer, styles with an elegant maxi summer dress, as well as transition into the winter seasons, complimenting a variety of tones. It’s safe to say that when it arrived I was not disappointed. The bag fit my phone and had space for some other little bits and bobs, (room for my Carmex is mandatory). I absolutely adore it, and even when it’s not being used, the very sight of it is incredibly satisfying to my room’s layout. I can’t imagine my collection without it!

Business Instagram: @knotsbyfox

Created by: @_amberfox

Last modified: 19th November 2020

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