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Stranger Things fans rejoice! Although the popular show isn’t coming back to our screens till Halloween, this year’s spring beauty trends smashing the catwalk are fantastically 80s inspired, with bashful blues and pink hues taking centre stage. So, if you are more of a brave Barb or perhaps a pastel princess like Nancy, there’s a makeup and hair trend for everyone for this new season.

Gone are the red and bronze grunge eyes of winter 2016; with exaggerated pastel wash shadows taking the lead on the runway this season. Kenzo and Nylon Magazine put a new twist on this typical spring trend. Winging out these ice cream shades to the temple and lacking eyeliner with wild boyish brows framing this look, gives a youthful and fresh vibe for the beginning of the festival months. NYX cosmetics make this look easy and affordable for anyone, with their ‘Hot Singles’ eyeshadows at £2.50. To attain the true 80s look, ‘Poolside’, ‘Gumdrop’ and ‘Flirt’ would be best to use for the kaleidoscopic appearance.

The popularity of graphic eyeliner was becoming more distinguishable towards the end of last year. To be a true disco queen on a night out, glitter graphic liner is the new update for spring 2017. Forget glitter tears, this glitter look is all about being bold as you can be with the tears this season being outlined with thick black liner to create a pop art kind of look. However, with all these colours going on the eyes, it’s important to achieve balance. Nude and brown lips are still in so don’t go getting rid of ‘Velvet Teddy’ just yet. If you are for the super natural look, using a simple lip exfoliator like the Lush’s, ‘Kiss Me’ almond flavoured sugar scrub banishes the appearance of dry lips leaving a pinkish hue. Teamed with good old vaseline this is the perfect combo to repair the damage from the continuing cold weather.

Grey is still popular for nail colours this spring, replacing the neutral pinks of years gone by. Although this may be a little boring for some, grey nails can be the perfect base to add more glitter! Because I’ve realised through researching this article, if you don’t have glitter somewhere in your beauty routine, you’re definitely going wrong. If you don’t have time to add tiny sequins on your nails or just can’t be bothered like me, Barry M have released some goddess-like nail shades called ‘Molten Metals’ which are the cutest accent colour for grey nails. ‘Bronze Bae’, ‘Silver Lining’, ‘Golddigger’ and ‘Copper Mine’ are only £3.99 and have a quick drying time, so are perfect when you want to look like you’ve made an effort.

If you have straight hair it’s all about making an effort this season but if you’re a curly haired girl this season is yours. As seen on the Topshop Unique runway and celebrities like Zendaya, the ‘curly hair flip’ consists of tons of curly ringlets, with a deep side-parting and the hair pushed on the opposite side to create loads of volume. This look is the wilder the better kind of vibe so be prepared with your teasing comb to maintain it. Plaits still remain a spring staple this year but worn more loosely with floral accessories to create a whimsical aura.

Last modified: 15th February 2017

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