Newcastle Dance Club TikTokking during lockdown

Newcastle Dance Club Media Office Matt Hickie tells us what the club have been up to during lockdown

Matt Hickie
24th April 2020
Newcastle Dance Club have been keeping in touch through TikTok (Image: Facebook: Newcastle Dance Club)

Since the events of COVID-19 cancelled the biggest event of our dance calendar year, our spring Showcase, the members of NCL Dance Club have been at a huge loss. How to go from spending hours of training and rehearsing, months of choreographing and planning, and a whole year of preparation for the showcase, to nothing at all. The show entitled “Dancin’ in the Street” was set to feature varieties of Tap, Street, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Musical Theatre performances, with a special collaboration with the Newcastle Latin and Ballroom society.

Since being placed under lockdown, we had to think of some way to keep this level of energy up and do what we could to keep dancing together. Naturally, TikTok was emerging the most viable and popular solution. Organised and led by our own Street dance coach and TikTok enthusiast, Kristina Pascual (@krissy.t), we offered the chance for any of our members to send in their choreography to be shared and ‘duet-ed’ with via TikTok. Our challenges included several days each of Street, Tap, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet and Musical Theatre just as we would have had back in the studios. One of the great parts of these challenges was getting to see everyone so involved, whether they be a fresher, a teacher, or even our member’s siblings, the dance fever was surely staying alive.

A selection of our best TikTok duets are currently featured on our Instagram page, or you can follow the action on TikTok @ncldanceclub1. Spread the word, we want anyone and everyone to duet our dancers!

See you on the dance floor soon!

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