Newcastle fencers sharp to the max

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Fencing president Max Sharp promised his team would “absolutely smash” Northumbria in Stan Calvert, and smash them they did.

The foil gave the Newcastle Blades a gentle start to the competition and they cruised to a 45-17 win. Solid performances from Sam Hoskyns, Sammy Chan and Stefan Chiu ensured Newcastle had the advantage moving into the other weapons.

Sharp, along with Gianfranco Artesi and Matt Dugher, represented Newcastle in the sabre competition. Northumbria put up a stronger defence than they had in the sabre and it took a determined effort from the Blades, not least Artesi, to win the event 45-35.

Northumbria were closing in on their guests at Sport Central and carried this momentum through into the épée, eventually winning 45-40. This narrow loss was not enough to dent Newcastle’s dominant performance, however, and their grand total of 135 to Northumbria’s 97 reflected their superior fencing throughout the afternoon.

Last modified: 26th February 2018

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