Newcastle found to be ‘booziest student city’

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Following a Babylon Health survey, Newcastle has been found to be the “booziest student city”.

The health survey consisted of almost 40,000 people being questioned. Through their app, the company asked consumers to take a test to find out the habits of those from both rural and urban lifestyles. The statistics given reveal the answers given between November 2018 and April 2019.

Newcastle, on average, consumed 7.9 units of alcohol per week. This was the leading university town, followed by Exeter. However, the second place city had an average of a full 1.5 units less per week. This is in comparison to Ipswich that came last, with results recording that the average there is only 3.1 units.

On a more general level, the city of Newcastle upon Tyne came seventh out of nine cities regarding a general level of health in the North East.

This general result takes into account three factors of being ‘healthy’. The first of these is smoking,which considers the percentage of smokers, quitters and the amount of cigarettes consumed by each person on a regular day. The second category is diet, which looks at how many portions of fruit and vegetables are eaten on a daily basis, the units of alcohol drank and the amount of alcoholic drinks consumed per week. Finally, exercise is also taken into consideration. This considers the amount of time each week is spent doing physical activity, the resistance of the exercise and the intensity of it.

Considering all of these factors, Newcastle comes seventh in the North East, falling behind County Durham that takes the place of first, but it does beat both Sunderland and Middlesbrough.

The survey is available online at www.babylonhealth.com/c/healthiest-habits/ for you to partake in or to view the results in more detail.

Last modified: 14th March 2020

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