Newcastle Northern Angels see out most successful season ever

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Following the most successful season to date, on Tuesday 7th May at 20:30, The Newcastle Northern Angels will be performing in the Multipurpose Rooms in the Newcastle University Sports Centre. We are very proud to have finished the season as National Champions, and can not wait to show friends and family what all of our hard work and dedication has come too.

After four tough competitions and hours of relentless training, this season the NU cheerleaders have come 1st eight times, and placed in the top three a total of sixteen times. We compete in a variety of routines including; All Girl Level 2, All Girl Level 3, Group Stunt (from level 2 to 4, COED and All Girl), and we also have two beautiful dance routines: Pom and Lyrical. Notably, this season we are extremely proud of our COED Level 4 group stunt, which has been undefeated all season.

In our most recent competition both dance routines placed 3rd, our Level 3 team scored an amazing 93.15 (the highest score the Angels have ever achieved!) and our Level 2 team took home the national title after coming 1st. This really goes to show what hard work and dedication does, and that has been shown by not only our Captain and her vices, but every single Angel in the team.

As a team we do not only spend hours preparing for competitions, we take pride in looking out for the greater community. This year we have tried our hardest to help those less fortunate than ourselves. We held a charity pub quiz for the charity Mind, and have participated in Good Gym runs. We want to continue to help others, and therefore we are asking for a £1 (minimum) donation to come watch us perform. We will also be selling cakes. We are raising money for the charity Mermaids UK, in order to support transgender children in the UK.

Last modified: 23rd October 2019

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