Newcastle Student caught in Hit and Run

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Last week was one filled with many trepidations for final year mechanical engineering student Leo Horsman. He was the victim of an unfortunate hit and run on the evening of 12th October.
Leo was cycling back home from university when a car crashed into the young student. The result of which has left him with a broken foot and an irreparable cycle. The incident occurred on Kenton Road.

He describes the incident as traumatic but is able to explain it in great detail, how he crashed into a turning car, hit the headlight and flew over the car landing a few feet away. He then visited the Royal Victoria infirmary where he was told that he had broken his metatarsals.
When interviewed, Leo seemed pretty upbeat and lively. He does have a heavily bandaged foot but that hasn’t deterred him from looking at more bikes to buy. The cycle unfortunately did not make it through the mishap. With the tire punctured and the cycle in pieces, Leo carries around pieces to show people who ask and in fond remembrance of his once wonderful vehicle.

This does point to the many students in and around Newcastle who cycle to and fro to universities and schools. Should we be doing something more to ensure their safety? I think not. This hit and run seems like a one-off incident and Leo too seems to feel that Newcastle is a pretty safe place to be cycling and encourages people to do what they want to do in terms of safety.

Last modified: 29th October 2018

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