Newcastle to host UK pride in 2020

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Newcastle has been chosen as the host city for UK Pride in 2020. Members from Northern Pride, travelled to Glasgow where members of UK Pride Organisers Network (UKPON) submitted their votes on where UK Pride would be in 2020. Through a bid process by Northern Pride, the team behind Newcastle Pride were able to witness the voting and announcement proceedings.

Northern Pride is the biggest LGBT Pride Festival in the North East of England, held in Newcastle. It’s annual event in July is held at the Town Moor, being free for all who attends. The event further provides a safe space for LGBT people, their families, as well as their friends. Northern Pride celebrates LGBT culture, history and societal diversity. The yearly festival has grown from 4,000 to 20,000 marching from the Newcastle Civic Centre to Nuns Moor Park to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

Northern pride’s reaction was posted online stating that they “have been overwhelmed with messages of support from our community and local businesses. It is you all, who give us inspiration and determination to continue doing what we do, year after year.” Further referring to the current fight for equal marriage in Northern Ireland and the event being held their next year, they stated: “we pledge to fully support the teams in Northern Ireland in their fight for marriage equality. We are looking forward to successfully delivering our Pride campaigns for sport, in school and Trans Generations in 2019”.

Before that, Newcastle Pride 2019 will bring huge changes to prepare for 2020. A huge marquee will be erected to have house the main stage, as well as a new location and many changes yet to be announced.
George Frost, President of Newcastle University’s LGBT Society, hopes that “Pride 2020 will help Newcastle become more welcoming and open of the LGBT+ community. While it is a fairly liberal city, our community still faces harassment and hate crimes on an unpleasantly regular basis. Both as an individual, and as president of LGBT+ I’m hoping that Pride 2020 will give the city a chance to realise we’re all humans, and that we have more in common with each other than we have differences.”

Alongside, Northern Pride, launched a new icon and loco – #WeAreNorthernPride. It encapsulates a feeling of community in the North East. Having the Angel of the North as their influence, the logo shows a proud interpretation of the landmark. Frost further commented on how happy he was for Pride to be held in Newcastle, saying: “I’m happy to that the rest of the UK gets to see this wonderful city, but from an LGBT+ lens I’m hoping that it’ll help showcase some of the wonderful LGBT+ Charities and organisations in the area, they do really good work!”

Hosting UK pride shows a focal point for the Pride Movement in the UK, which would enhance its position regionally, nationally and in the global Pride Movement. Having Pride 2020 to be held in Newcastle would impact positively on the city and allow inclusivity.

Last modified: 14th November 2018

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