Newcastle University ‘Rocks the Cist-em’

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‘Rock the Cis-tem’ is a week long campaign running between the 11th – 17th November  to challenge systematic oppression faced by trans and non-binary people.  LGBT+ Liberation Officer, Tobias Cameron, the founder of the campaign wishes to ‘highlight issues members in this community face and tackle them head-on to create a more accepting campus.’

The campaign ‘Rock the Cis-tem’ refers to the notion of change and stepping outside the cis-normative narratives commonly portrayed in wider society such as gender-binary spaces and identities of ‘male’ and ‘female’. Cameron commented ‘the main aim of the campaign is to increase awareness, and push back societal pressure of what trans and non-binary people face. Whether from issues they face or stigma associated with their identities’.

This campaign week has scheduled events for people from both the community and campus-wide students yo attend, to ‘increase awareness, educate, and gain an understanding of the issues faced by people within our student body.’

Let’s support Tobias in creating a more inclusive and accepting campus by supporting this campaign and becoming more educated and respecting the pronouns people use as well as accepting their gender or non-gender conforming identities.

Events Running:

11th- Trans and Non-binary experiences panel (5.30pm-7pm: Planning Room, NUSU)

13th- Clothing Exchange (12pm-4pm: Ford Room, NUSU)

15th- Film Screening (5pm-7pm: Bamburgh Room: NUSU

17th- Rememberance Vigil & Self-Care session (Event: Remembrance vigil – outside SU: 10:30-11amSelf-care session – History Room: 11am – 12pm)

For more information on the campaign and events please visit:



Last modified: 8th November 2019

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