No-deal Brexit preparations? It takes two to tango

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As Operation Brock came into force prior to the dreaded Brexit extension, we could see just how extensive the preparations for a no-deal scenario were: a freedom of information request has found that £30,000,000 was pledged purely for Operation Brock, in order to properly manage Kent’s traffic system and to allow lorries to move as smoothly as possible across the channel. However, while it’s all well and good improving plans to keep the M20 open, the burden of preparing for Brexit shouldn’t lie entirely on the government.

Big business tycoons should take no-deal Brexit as an opportunity for profit

Tim Martin – founder and chairman of Wetherspoons – is a perfect example of how big businesses should take responsibility for their own sustainability in a no-deal scenario. The ability to turn unfortunate circumstances into an opportunity for profit is exactly what big business tycoons should be doing: after all, sustaining a business within the vicissitudes of any economy, regardless of uncertainty, is what the world of business demands. I find it frankly scandalous how many loathsome CBI-affiliated ‘remainer’ CEOs preach the idea of conscientiousness, innovation and the mantra that one can never be successful without due risk, and moving outside of one’s comfort zone (face it, we’ve all heard it), but who are also comfortable enough not to need to follow their own advice or to plan aptly for a no-deal scenario.

Wetherspoons founder and teen heart-throb Tim Martin
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Despite the doomsayers and pretentious forecasts of the CBI – similar in tone to their gloomy predictions for us not joining the Euro in 1999 – things are being done. Operation Kingfisher guarantees funding via quantitative easing, or cash injections to struggling businesses.

On the topic of public sector preparation such as the readiness of the NHS, Matt Hancock – the health secretary –  was quoted as saying that he is “confident” that we could have an unhindered flow of medicines in the scenario of a no-deal Brexit, as the government has been in extensive talks with pharmaceutical companies regarding the business of stockpiling, and delivery of other drugs which may not be able to be stockpiled.

No-one is expecting preparations to be water-tight

Perhaps in the case of a no-deal Brexit, things may not come together as smoothly as we’d like them, nor can anyone guarantee that preparations will work out in the way they’ve been planned, and certainly nobody is expecting the preparations to be water-tight. But on the question of whether or not we are suitably prepared, I would argue that we are as prepared as we can be, and that it is up to the dithering and sycophantic CBI affiliates to pull their trousers up and prepare their industries to the best of their abilities.

For Emily Hawksley’s take on no-deal preparations, click here: http://www.thecourieronline.co.uk/operation-brock-the-only-plan-for-no-deal-brexit/


Last modified: 7th November 2019

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