North East’s Most Haunted

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The North East is filled with lush natural scenery and magnificent architectural sights but few knows that every inch of this land hides a dark history of war, murder, witchcraft, plague and suicide. It’s not surprising that ghostly tales and supernatural events are rife.


Having hosted numerous paranormal investigation teams including that of “Most Haunted”, Chillingham Castle has a well-known reputation as one of the most haunted buildings in Britain. A visit here is not for the faint-hearted but you can take organised ghost walks and even stay the night if you’re feeling particularly brave. You might encounter the ghost of Lady Mary Berkeley still wandering the halls waiting for her unfaithful husband, or see the ill-fated “blue boy” appearing above your bed.

Chillingham Castle Ghosts: Most Haunted Castle in England - Amy's Crypt
Chillingham Castle
Credit: flickr.com


Bamburgh Castle is a gorgeous structure overlooking the Northumberland coastline. But even “England’s finest coastal castle” is reportedly a prime location for the supernatural. The castle is haunted by the Pink Lady – a heartbroken princess who threw herself off the rocky cliff centuries ago. She is said to return every seven years dressed in a pink gown wandering the castle halls and the beach.

Bamburgh Castle
Credit: pixabay.com


Also featured in “Most Haunted”, Newcastle’s namesake is a hotspot for paranormal activities right in the city centre, hiding numerous ghost stories within its narrow hallways and staircases. Go on a ghost hunt and keep a lookout for apparitions in the dark: victims of the 1694 witch trials, a vengeful Black Monk who attacks visitors, and the “Poppy Girl” murdered on the castle grounds. 

Stairwell to Castle Keep
Credit: Khanh Ngo


From personal experience, a late-night visit to this 177-year-old tunnel is sure to rattle you. The Victoria Tunnel is a 19th-century waggonway beneath Newcastle city centre, with parts going right through our campus. Ghosts of people that died here still haunt the place, including William Coulson, remembered by name for his gruesome death. If you find yourself braving the darkness of these narrow tunnels, prepare for the paranormal: unexplained footsteps, shadows and plummeting temperatures; and whether you believe in ouija boards, seeing the planchette move would definitely spook you.

View of inside Victoria Tunnel
Victoria Tunnel Entrance
Credit: Wikimedia.com

 Feature Image credit: pixabay.com

Last modified: 25th October 2020

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